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  • Emma Bass

Does Installing Solar Panels Lead to Significant Savings on Your Monthly Bill?

We all know Solar Power (Renewable Energy) is one of the fastest growing industries in 2021. Solar Panel installation has blown up since 2007, with consumers meeting their electricity needs at high of 21% that's up from 0.2% thats a HUGE increase of 19.8% in 14 years!

Electricity providers are always increasing their prices at an alarming rate since 2013 electricity prices have risen 28%. There is no doubt that Renewable Energy is changing todays Energy sector, with Electrical Companies facing their Energy Sources depleting at an unprecedented rate - Renewable Energy is the next suitable choice.

Solar Energy is a sustainable, boundless supply powering many Homes, Business & Investments across the Globe making it the most sustainable source of energy on the planet. The Sun provides enough energy in 1 hour to provide enough power for the planet for a whole year!

What Are The Advantages Of Solar?

Not only does installing Solar effect the environment in a positive way, Solar Energy is also an inexhaustible sustainable product.

Solar Panels allow you to draw energy from the grid during the night and produce your own energy during the day selling any 'unused' energy back into the grid at a set Tariff fee. This then allows you to be in credit with your chosen Electricity Provider eliminating your whole bill or a large majority of your monthly/ quarterly Electricity Bill.

Solar panels cost have fallen 99% since 1977. In 1977, it cost $77 per watt for a simple solar cell. The government now provides STC's this is an incentive for Home Owners and Business Owners to get Solar and reduce your upfront costs. Feed-in tariffs for Sustainable Power is actually in progress in more then 40 countries across the globe, this is widely perceived as one the best tactics to have been implemented within the Solar market.

Good news is, the Solar System pays itself off! Thats right, your system can actually make you break even. This takes about 6 -10 years depending on the Panels Installed, Inverter & the size of system. There are numerous Financial Incentives available to the public across the country. These solar incentives include State, Federal and Local Incentives in the form of Tax Credits, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), Rebates and more. These Solar Incentives reduce the cost of installing Solar Panels.

But unfortunately like everything, Solar Panels generating that amount of power don't last forever. The industry standard life span is about 25 to 30 years paired with manufactures guarantee of efficiency that the system will run at 75% - 85% proficiency after the 20 year warranty is exceeded. Generally the leading products in the market provide a 25 year warranty.

Inverters also have a guaranteed manufacturers warranty of 10 years - warranty extensions for inverters are a smart investment. It’s safe to assume you’ll replace your inverter at least once before the warranty of your panels is up. Lets say your inverter fails 15 years down the road, it will likely be replaced with a newer and better model. They range from 1-5 years, with extensions up to 10 years available for a few models.

Instilation of Solar Sytems will one day be compulsory we believe as other sources of energy are not sustainable in the long run. Even try NASA, NASA has been using solar since 1950. Today, the International Space Station has 84 kW of solar panels, which provide all its power, including life support systems for the 6 crew, communications and scientific equipment.

Start making your own plans, make the switch today!


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